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Peter Gloor appointed Honorary Professor at University of Cologne Peter Gloor has been appointed a Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne, Germany... Read More
The science of civil war‎ (Economist) What makes heroic strife - Computer models that can predict the outbreak and spread of civil conflict are being developed. Politicians faced with such uprisings may thus be interested in yet another piece of software, known as Condor, which has been developed... Read More
Interview with Peter Gloor in Profil (in German) Interview (in German) with Peter Gloor in Austrian Magazine Profil, about the bees and the ants, coolhunting, and coolfarming.... Read More Predicting the future: Forecasting the news of tomorrow on predicting the future on the Internet:  "Want to know who will win the next US election, which films will bomb or which stocks will rise? Researchers are mining social media to find the answers.Peter Gloor does not own a... Read More
SWSX Session "Coolhunting and Coolfarming with Social Media On Saturday, March 10 2012, at the InterContinental Stephen F Austin, do not miss "Coolhunting and Coolfarming with Social Media". Peter Gloor of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and supporting panel will answer questions like: Is 'cool farming' the... Read More