Meet the GalaxyAdvisors Team

High quality, online & continuous information analysis based on structured exploitation of the Internet

  • Identification of trendsetters, opinion leaders, and innovators
  • Communication analysis for trend prediction, trend tracking, and risk assessment
  • Market studies and target group analysis
  • Competitor screening and business intelligence


Founded in 2007, galaxyadvisors developed an Internet based social network analysis software. Galaxyadvisors' professional solutions allow business clients to analyze virtually any online community and Web communication in real-time and on-demand basis. Through its innovative approach galaxyadvisors leverages the wisdom of crowds, wisdom of experts, and wisdom of swarms for its customers. Based on ground-breaking algorithms developed at MIT and the University of Cologne, Germany, galaxyadvisors creates an innovative comprehensive search analysis engine to retrieve and structure all kinds of information stored on the Internet. 

CoolTrend is the user-friendly Web browser-based dashboard to the powerful predictive analytics back end engine CondorCore. Learn More

GalaxyLabs conducts cutting-edge academic research pioneering the algorithms and methods employed in our tools and services. Learn More

CondorCore is a Restful API providing the core collective prediction and social network analysis technology for our customized portals. Learn More

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Team Members

  • Anup Bhat Advisor
    Anup is a transformational leader with extensive experience in handling large multi-unit manufacturing operations, supply chains and after market (sales) at the leadership level… Read More
  • Kai Fischbach Chief Scientist
    Kai Fischbach is Professor and Chair in Information Systems and Social Networks at University of Bamberg (Germany). His areas of expertise include the analysis… Read More
  • Peter A. Gloor Chief Creative Officer and Founder
    Peter Gloor has been working on visualizing knowledge and analyzing social networks for the last 15 years, leading to the development of Cybermap, a… Read More
  • Ken Riopelle Chief Coolfarming Officer
    Dr. Riopelle is a Research Professor at Wayne State University in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Detroit Michigan. His career spans thirty… Read More
  • Tejasvita Saran CEO galaxyadvisors India
    As the CEO of galaxyadvisors India, Tejasvita builds on a career in managing technology initiatives in leading IT and service companies such as Accenture, genpact, and Sapient.… Read More
  • Detlef Schoder Chair of Scientific Advisory Board
    Prof. Dr. Detlef Schoder holds the chair for Information Systems and Information Management at the University of Cologne, Germany. He obtained his PhD and… Read More