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Do you know what is going to be the hot new trend?

Now you can determine what will be cool - before everyone else!

The art of coolhunting involves zeroing in on the fresh idea that will be the genesis of a hot new trend. It also involves finding the people responsible for the idea - the trendsetters who will cause others to jump on board. Galaxyadvisors is the tools and methods leader in the fascinating world of coolhunting and its many applications. At this four day training course, you will learn what coolhunting is, how it originated, how it works, and experience many actual coolhunts - pre-planned exercises and a guided hunt specific to your company or product.

Register now so you can find out how to:

  • Discover cool trends for your field by tapping into the collective intelligence of your potential customers (coolhunting)
  • Find the trendsetters who convert an innovation into a trend
  • Run with the new trends and you find and tap their business value (coolfarming)

Join us to discover how to become an effective coolhunter, one that can search and pinpoint the ideas and products that will be the next big thing - before they take off.

Special Offer: Charter your own coolhunt!

You will be able to craft a unique coolhunt, relevant to your own business needs that you can set out at the course.

Registration Price:

Participation in just the first day costs EUR 300, attending all 4 days is EUR 2000, which includes a 2-month trial license of our full software suite (CoolTrend, CoolPeople, Condor). The coolhunting academy registration fee will be counted towards a full one-year subscription of our tool suite and data feed (list price EUR 1,000/month).

We look forward to welcoming you at the Coolhunting Academy in Brugg, Switzerland!


Day 1: Introduction to Coolhunting and Swarm Creativity, plus an in-depth look at great success stories

During the first day of the academy our team will give you an overview of CoolHunting and GalaxyAdvisors' greatest success stories in finding and predicting new trends. We will teach you how to conduct a successful coolhunt by using our full software suite, which includes the tools Condor, CoolTrend, and CoolPeople.

Day 2: Coolhunting concepts, CoolPeople and CoolTrend overviews, and a hands-on introduction to Condor

Day 2 concentrates on finding actionable information based on the coolhunting processes and methodologies. We will provide you with hands-on training on our tools and share insider tips and tricks around coolhunting.

Day 3: Virtual mirror

Coolhunting blueprint and process - Coolhunting with Condor - Information Templates - Sentiment Analysis - virtual mirror E-Mail analysis with Condor (Analyzing one's own mailbox)

On day 3 you will learn how to add taxonomies from Wikipedia and sentiment analysis. You will also do a deep-dive into your personal communication network analyzing your own mailbox with Condor to better understand and optimize your personal communication contacts.

Day 4: Advanced tips & tricks for Coolfarming and CondorCore (including writing your own applications using the CondorCore API!)

Day 4 teaches about coolfarming to transform coolhunting results into business success through viral marketing. We will also focus on how to customize and extend our tools Condor, CoolTrend, and CoolPeople by leveraging the power of the CondorCore API.

Sneak peak of GalaxyAdvisors' brand new CoolTrend - much more powerful, with an enhanced user interface!

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Four day registrations include a 2-month trial license of our full software suite (CoolTrend, CoolPeople, Condor). The coolhunting academy registration fee will be counted towards a full one-year subscription of our tool suite and data feed (list price EUR 1,000/month).

  • The MIT association is very reassuring, their approach was very methodical, confident, patient, helpful and encouraging. Outstanding team, focused, conceptually easy, quick at negotiating time and delays, great class, simple and user friendly despite the complex systems.
    Maggie Palazzolo, Research Coordinator
  • Excellent experience overall. Correspondence was kind, fast and helpful mostly via email; we suggested new features as needed and they were added quickly.
    Daniel Oster, Assistant to the CEO
  • There are many others who say they can do similar things, but I don't think they are actually capable. GalaxyAdvisors is different because many others don't use the social network methodology to learn what people are talking about.
    Daniel Oster, Assistant to the CEO
  • Very Unique. There are no others like them! We trust galaxyadvisors and feel that relationship is critical, as we are not social network analysis experts and need their help and understanding.
    Mirjam Hauser, GDI Analyst