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GalaxyLabs is a globally leading virtual research organization conducting groundbreaking research in Collective Prediction.

The emergence of online social networks opens up unprecedented opportunities to read the collective mind, discovering emergent trends while they are still being hatched by small groups of creative individuals. The Web has become a mirror of the real world, allowing researchers in predictive analytics to study and better understand why some new ideas change our lives, while others never make it from the drawing board of the innovator. 

The research team at GalaxyLabs studies a wide range of methods for predictive analytics (coolhunting) and online social marketing (coolfarming), mostly based on social network analysis and the emerging science of collaboration. Our methods are based on analysis of large corpora of digital traces of human activity, in particular the Web, Blogs, online forums, social networking sites, e-mail archives, phone logs, and face-to-face interaction through using sociometric badges. 

GalaxyLabs has developed patent pending novel algorithms for dynamic semantic social network analysis, asset value prediction, and content filtering.

GalaxyLabs works together with leading universities globally such as MIT, Wayne State University, Savannah College of Art & Design, University of Cologne, and Aalto University Helsinki.

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Four day registrations include a 2-month trial license of our full software suite (CoolTrend, CoolPeople, Condor). The coolhunting academy registration fee will be counted towards a full one-year subscription of our tool suite and data feed (list price EUR 1,000/month).

  • The MIT association is very reassuring, their approach was very methodical, confident, patient, helpful and encouraging. Outstanding team, focused, conceptually easy, quick at negotiating time and delays, great class, simple and user friendly despite the complex systems.
    Maggie Palazzolo, Research Coordinator
  • Excellent experience overall. Correspondence was kind, fast and helpful mostly via email; we suggested new features as needed and they were added quickly.
    Daniel Oster, Assistant to the CEO
  • There are many others who say they can do similar things, but I don't think they are actually capable. GalaxyAdvisors is different because many others don't use the social network methodology to learn what people are talking about.
    Daniel Oster, Assistant to the CEO
  • Very Unique. There are no others like them! We trust galaxyadvisors and feel that relationship is critical, as we are not social network analysis experts and need their help and understanding.
    Mirjam Hauser, GDI Analyst